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Jean Mclean

Inspiration for Jean's art comes from living in Maine year round and loving the entire state. By living directly in the center of Maine she is able to access the state within hours. Camera in hand, she traverses the area in search of subject matter. Not only do the scenes of mountains and ocean in seasonal dress provide inspiration for her in her studio, but Jean also sells her photography...her second love. Jean is a self-taught artist who has been painting for 20 years. She works primarily in acrylic and strives for realism with a flair for looseness and imagination. "I don't have to see the ocean to paint it. I can smell the sea when I am in my studio. I feel it in me and I paint what I feel. Real art comes from within, technique comes from a great deal of practice." Jean's paintings and photography are in South Africa, China, Jordan, Australia, Canada, England, Saudi Arabia, Hawaii, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and the Phillipeans just to mention a few. She is represented all over America in corporations, banks and private collections.

mcleanlg1.jpg mcleanlg2.jpg mcleanlg3.jpg
mcleanlg4.jpg mcleanlg6.jpg mcleanlg8.jpg
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Jean Mclean's work can be seen at Birdsnest Gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine.

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