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Maine Artist Virtual Exposition

Maine Artists Virtual Exposition displays the work of Maine artists while cutting out the gallery middleman for the artist and saving the art buyer the cost of gallery commissions.


Maine Artist Virtual Exposition is not a traditional art gallery, in that we are not offering your work for sale and collecting a commission. You are in control. You are paying for storage of your page and photos, design and graphic work, monthly updates and most importantly our experience with promotion and maintenance of a web presence. Visitors contact you directly so that you can build a relationship with your clients and handle any transactions and NEVER pay a commission.


MAVE accepts membership of artists, craftsmen and craftswomen who reside or have resided in Maine and those that depict Maine in their artwork, as well as artists, craftsmen and craftswomen who have intimate ties with Maine through family and friends.


Membership includes your own Exhibit with:

  • Up to 6 photos of your work
  • Title, description and price of each piece
  • Your personal photo, introduction and biography
  • Your contact information (phone and email)
  • Link to your website and/or info on where your work can be seen
  • Monthly updates of your exhibit - change photos, update contact info and links, etc.

Membership Registration:

  • $60 annual membership fee
  • $15 one-time setup fee
    (setup fee is waived if your website is currently hosted by Maine-Web or our parent company Webworks Downeast)

Membership Application:

  • Email us at art@maine-web.com with the following information:
    • Full Name
    • Mailing address
    • Email address
    • Telephone
    • Description of your art (oil painting, watercolor, sculpture, photography, digital imaging, fine craft, woodworking, ceramics/pottery...)
    • Your Maine connection (do you live in Maine, does your art depict Maine, do you have business or family ties in Maine...)
    • Your website address (if applicable)
    • Your questions or comments
  • We will review the information you have provided us and get back to you shortly on the status of your application

Pornographic material will not be accepted for inclusion in any exhibit

We reserve the right to refuse work at our discrimination

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